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Common Injuries | City Nursing Home

After all, accidents can happen to even the well-prepared people. Even more severe injuries that require medical attention can be less painful and less likely to be fatal if first aid is given promptly.

Nonetheless, knowing the essentials of first aid is an essential element of workplace safety.

Soreness & Pain

Soreness is frequently caused by poor ergonomics, such as poor posture or repetitive actions throughout the day. Identifying and resolving the problem’s fundamental cause can yield instant results. Contusions and Bruises

The wound site, which is frequently swollen and discolored, has a purple or black hue. Rolling an essential plastic bottle filled with lukewarm water over the injured site will speed blood re-absorption and improve bruise appearance.


If the burn is mild to moderate, run cool water over it for up to 15 minutes. Then, to prevent infection and contact with the air, which can cause pain, wrap the injured area with clean gauze. Never try to remove burned garments yourself; instead, seek emergency medical assistance right once in general surgery in Indore.


Fractures can be caused by falling or a hard blow on the bone. It is vital to immobilize the affected area and avoid any needless movements in such instances.

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