Cardiology in Indore

Our patients can feel secure within the knowledge that we’ve miles of experience in providing expert medical and medical care. The interdisciplinary approach and shut cooperation between the Departments of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery may be a key thing in this respect, optimizing patient safety and offering maximum reassurance.


Every year, cardiothoracic procedures are performed at our Center. These involve an entire sort of up-to-date, minimally-invasive procedures. We also concentrate on providing comprehensive treatment for coronary failure, also as providing a comprehensive program of home monitoring.


We have our services aimed toward developing new clinical procedures. Results from which are presented at an outsized number, also as having been published both nationally and internationally. As a result of this, we are ready to offer our patients the very latest in treatment concepts additionally to skilled treatment options.

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Each second is precious in ER. Accidents and discomfort does not wait for the right time, so we remain prepared to your call 24*7.