Neurology in Indore

Neurology provides a personalized and comprehensive look after patients with a good array of neurological disorders and is one of the nation’s leading neurologic research and training programs.


Our clinical subspecialty divisions offer expert care from leading neurology specialists aided by the newest medical technology, from life-saving intervention for severe brain trauma to skilled management of neurological illnesses.

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Our Commitment To Service

Through our commitment to service, we still gain insight and make innovative diagnostic treatment methods for neurological patients.

By understanding the traditional and abnormal functions of the human systema nervosum, we help define the quality of look after stroke, traumatic brain injury, MS, epilepsy, movement disorders, and lots of other neurological disorders in Indore.

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Each second is precious in ER. Accidents and discomfort does not wait for the right time, so we remain prepared to your call 24*7.