Pathology and Its Most Common Types

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Pathology is one of the most crucial branches of the medical industry, in this, the doctor’s main motive is to find the cause behind the diseases. In this, we read about fungi, bacteria, infections, and microbes, which are the cause of many diseases. In pathology, it is taught to test, it is most important to cure any disease.

The Procedure:

To find the cause of any disease, in pathology, it can be found through blood tests, urine tests, and many tests. Also to find how these bacteria cause diseases in our bodies.

This particular study is mainly research base because in this you have to research bacteria and viruses and find out diseases, that’s why nearly all of your practical’s in this course and all these practices are research-based. You can also create a career in the research field by doing a pathology course.

What are the types?

You will find two types of pathology

  • Clinical pathology
  • Anatomical pathology.

Clinical pathology:

The medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis of disease based on laboratory analysis such as body fluids, blood, urine, plus tissue using homogeneous or chemistry, microbiology, hematology, and molecular pathology instruments, this particular specialty needs a medical residency.

Anatomical pathology:

In the process of anatomical pathology, the test is performed at the macroscopic level of your body. Where the tissue bone of the body been tested. Also, the person who performs such pathological procedure is trained in the structure of the body organ, and identifies diseases on the foundation of it. Search for the best pathology services in Indore. Numerous cancers are recognized and treated by this branch of pathology.

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